Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thank You Barack

We should all be thanking President Obama for showing his true motives on issues ranging from for the union fight in Wisconsin, the so-called Obamacare "opt out" ruse and foreign policy debacles. People are listening to what he is really saying. He may have the "dumb" vote (including the major network media) and the collectivist revolutionary vote but the majority of the nation has awakened to his agenda and poised to replace him.

I was actually amused to learn that Obama's reelection machine had been involved in busing demonstrators to Wisconsin. It shows what we have known all along...that there are simply too few left wing collectivist revolutionaries to go around. They have to be flown or bused in. I was encouraged that they were expending their resources to stay for long periods of time. They cannot go out and generate more cash because they are going to need it to defend the Socialist of the White House. They will fail and once again fall into the trash heap of history where those who have gone before them lay. The radical left is relegated to obscurity and subservience.

If you know your bible you will understand the concept that children of Ham must always serve children of Japheth and Shem. I'll leave the uninitiated, biblical illiterate reader to search that out for themselves. Or sit, scratch your head and vote for Obama in 2012 and let the rest of us take responsibility for setting things right. There are more for us than for you.

Fight the good fight!

Ronald Munoz

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