Tuesday, April 12, 2011

People Problem

There's a "people problem" in this country. Always has been, always will be. How do you boil it down to something that can be grasped for all its complexity? After all, there are so many cultures, ideas and mixes in our nation that there is bound to be a dilution of American values and ideals. Even flag-waving, gun-loving 'God and country Americans' can't escape the problem:

People have forgotten their God.

I heard a rocker on one of the most watched (according to ratings) TV opinion shows. While spouting his "American" slogans like apple pie, he was denouncing "bible thumping Christians." Almost nothing shocks me anymore but that kinda did. If it wasn't for the bible, you wouldn't have a gun-loving country, you silly twit!

Americans have forgotten their God.

They put material things first. Their selfish pride a close second and any non-English speaking foreigner third.

Let's be vigilant as we take our country back. It needs to come all the way back. To biblical values. Throw God out of your life and you have hardships and trouble. Throw Him out of your country and others will come in and claim it for themselves.

Keep God in your family and you will still have troubles...but you will overcome them. And it isn't by your own strength or might. No, just like this country, we overcome by the Spirit of the Living God...Jesus the Christ, the Word of God and our only Savior.

Fight the "good" fight,


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