Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama: Go To Sleep

Ok, I made my prediction. And while I couldn't bear to watch Obama give another speech, I did read the transcript and watched a few clips on the news. The speech was good. I don't believe he wrote it, but it was what it should have been. So just because the president did the right thing today, you can't expect him to do the right thing tomorrow. I say that because of what he has done. He has shown that we can project upon him whatever he needs us to be for the moment. And we have all needed him to be compassionate. He needed to make us believe that he is one of us, because we all know the election is 2 years away. I'm not just being cynical, this is what Obama himself has said about Americans. We project upon him. He shows us a blank slate. It's in his book, "Dreams From My Father."

Tomorrow, he will change his tone and widen the debate on free speech as he quietly lulls the country into a false sense of security that he really cares about Americans and our heritage. Meanwhile, he will work to register and catalog internet users because he is all about control.

The President used a scripture, something he rarely attempts. His lack of scriptural use leads me to believe it is not in his heart. I am sure he has never read the entire New Testament. It is simple to pull out a topical bible and pull some scriptures out that have to do with whatever you are dealing with at the moment. It is more difficult to expound on them. He begins by a quote from Psalm 46:4. But what does this mean? So God tells us there is a river. What does that say to us this moment? Sure, we can imply the meaning. And obviously the quote from Job means what it says. But what does it say to you, Mr. President? Will we ever know what our president really thinks about scripture? Does he really believe that "all scripture is given by inspiration and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness?" or does he believe that Mohammad was a prophet too? We have to hear the fruit of your lips, Mr. President. While God is judge, we are fruit inspectors.

It would really be something if politicians went ahead and threw out conventional wisdom and quoted a few scriptures from time to time. And not just quote them, but tell us how it spoke to them personally. The Word of God can lay open and bare the hardest of hearts. Tell us who you really are Mr. President, or let us discern it through your actions. Your actions have been, apologizing for America to the Islamic world, piling on national debt, ruining our currency, expanding government control and playing to the unions. He has created and economic mess so huge it would take a miracle to get out of it.

But let's not count God out of an economic miracle for this country. He's done it before. God sheds His grace on America. While we all work to fix the mess, He pulls it together in such a way that we come out more exceptional and stronger than ever before. After 21% inflation and Jimmy Carter, He gave us Ronald Reagan. He can give us a financial recovery that ushers in a huge boom for the country and put to shame the Socialists who have come out of their holes to gloat at the death of Capitalism and Conservatism.

God blesses America. It's not just a catch-phrase. Just watch.

Fight the good fight.

Ronald Munoz

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