Monday, January 3, 2011

Progressives Openly Calling for Unrest

If anyone has ever doubted the liberal agenda then look no further than the truth...

Remember, Van Jones was once part of the Obama administration until he was exposed and became a political liability. Democrats have lost their party to those who want to overthrow the government, the constitution and our way of life. Voting fools have given them the power to nearly accomplish that goal. Obama reminds me of the old Soviet bosses during the cold war. They would say one thing but always do another. Where do you think he got his play book? While I was in the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Soviet bosses were always using propaganda to hide their real intentions. It was shocking to me as a 21 year old intelligence specialist that our media (ABC, NBC, CBS and major newspapers in the U.S.) picked up on the rhetoric and spread it around. My, how that cancer of thought has grown since 1978 when I first moved to Washington. The helpful idiots are those who don't really care and vote on a slogan such as, "tax the rich," or "stop global warming," or "support gay marriage," or now it's "open amnesty for 'undocumented' aliens."  Any vehicle to get votes is how they play you. They don't really care about these issues. They will take any extreme of the apathetic masses and push their buttons for votes. The Soviets would tell people in countries where they wanted to invade, "capitalism is your problem."

Keep up the good fight, exposing their deeds and bringing them to light is the only way to slow them down.

Ronald Munoz

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