Friday, December 31, 2010

Where Progressives Fail in Diplomacy

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez dealt another blow to progressive thought this week when he rejected the U.S. Ambassador to his country. If the Obama administration really wanted to appease Chavez, they could have tried sending a socialist with anti-American tendencies, oh, like Van Jones. But since he's been exposed as a revolutionary who wants to overthrow the American constitution, they can't use him. Pity Obama has too few who can do the job. Too few who are his type of progressive thinkers. It's that damn Fox News. Always spreading lies about his administration when all they really want to do is progress beyond Capitalism to a more centralized government. Sigh. There aren't enough people in America who hate their country's history and who know the history of collectivist failure.

Obama had hoped that Chavez would embrace his anti-imperialist view and see him as an ally and friend. But for Chavez to do so would be to diminish his own power and remove a major purpose for his dictatorship.

Where progressives have failed in appeasement is to believe that dictators will follow suit and suddenly realize we are their friends. That sort of thinking failed with Hitler. It fails with North Korea and it will continue to fail with every other despot that raises its ugly head in the world. It's enough to make a conservative say, "duh."

We have two more years of watching a novice try to run the country with his incorrect ideology. Expect more failures like this in 2011. Poor Obama fails at history. You can re-write it and re-interpret history, but you can't change it. So much for his idea. Let's look ahead. I wonder what the Tea Party is doing?

Fight the good fight,

Ronald Munoz

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