Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obama's Purpose

I've created a nice, safe bubble around me since leaving Washington, D.C. so many years ago. I wanted to find a good wife (done), get married and have a few kids (done), and wanted to just enjoy the love and non-condemning support I always wanted growing up but didn't quite get (done). I built a wall or hedge of prayer around my little family and served in a number of churches and just pursued God. And I've found Him. But our creator is so beautiful and full of wonder and since we live in a physical body and are affected by physical things around us, it is a constant pursuit to gaze into God's realm. You can't do it with your physical eyes and that's the tricky part. I've just discovered that you have to have a relationship with Him.

You wake up in the morning and tell Him you love Him. You get dressed, shower, have breakfast and read some of His words in the Bible. You think about what God has done for you through the great gift of His Son, Jesus the Christ (Anointed One). You let Him speak or impress something into you. That communion with the creator not only separates us from the animals, it carries you through the day. And since I've decided to re-join the good fight, His relationship is especially important.

Yesterday, Glen Beck's program revealed some startling facts about the puppet master, George Soros. Great piece of work! I thought he presented the facts well, it was well researched and made sense. In addition to Beck's work (the last 2 years really), I can point to Dinesh D'Souza's work in, "The Roots of Obama's Rage," which I've already mentioned in previous blogs. Thanks to Dinesh's research (revelation, really) about how Obama thinks, I can already begin to anticipate his actions in any given setting. Its kind of fun actually. The veil is off. I actually understand him now. And there is strength in that knowledge. In a nutshell and if the reader will pardon my being crass for a moment (it is called for sometimes to make a point), President Obama won the Presidency to make capitalism his "bitch." He needs the free market system to bring about his new world order. And that is where Soros comes in.

The "shadow government" that George Soros has created using our freedoms was, (he thought) brilliant. I would not go that far. I would call it "sinister," or "evil." Anytime someone thinks he has to gain control over others in order to bring about "change," he wants to be like his spiritual father, the great satan himself. Isn't that how he fell in the first place? For the biblical illiterate that precedent is found in Isaiah chapter 14, verses 12-14. Sounds like Soros said the same kind of thing (Check out

The early Christian church experienced the same types of problems that America is facing today. That is a problem with "mixture." Liberals have mixed into all facets of society. They are in our schools, our government and by the way, even our churches. A Christian is someone who tries to live his/her life "by the book." And by that book I mean of course the Bible. It isn't the best selling book on the planet and for all time for nothing! There is something to it. The founding fathers of America knew it and many people in our country today know it. But for it to be a "living" book, it must be practiced everyday. That is where we fail and why we slip into many hurtful, liberal thinking patterns. Thinking you don't have to plug in everyday with a relationship with the creator can screw up your path and purpose in life.

The Obama's and Soros' of the world don't have to bother with that of course because they believe they know better than you or I. They believe that what they are building is going to benefit us. At least, that could be what they tell themselves. Obama is only a part of a larger work. When Soros is gone, someone else will rise and take his place. He will look different, sound different and have a slightly different way of presenting his plan but it will be the same plan. Control.

Beck believes those who are calling for an eminent "event," such as a currency collaspe. I personally, have believed (from my biblical world view) that the bible is very plain about events. In the book of Revelation it speaks of a one world currency. Back in the '70's some of my collegues at DIA laughed at me. They aren't laughing now. It is feasible in our lifetime. The book also talks about a one world governement. Not sounding too far off? Not a bad prediction for a book written 2000 years ago. As for the event that will usher in a crisis where all these puzzle pieces can come together? Read it yourself in the book (ok, chapter 15 of 1st Corinthians).

Keep fighting the good fight!

Ronald Munoz

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