Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Strategy For The Next Round

I was never much interested in domestic politics. Although the topic was frequently discussed in my household growing up. The real action for me was always with the Soviets and the dirty tricks they were up to worldwide. Now, when I see those same dirty tricks being played out in my own back yard, it pisses me off. I'm referring to my own state of Colorado who just reelected Bennet for Senator and Hickenloopy (Hickenlooper) for Governor. Bad and stupid move. I don't think they will do too much damage because I don't think they are too smart, but one never knows who is pulling their strings.

I remember back in the late '70's when I was working in the Pentagon, the way the Soviet expansionists used to spread their influence. To put it simply, they would help a country with infrastructure aid, roads, hospitals, etc., while simultaneously offering military aid to dictators who were interested in keeping their power. They played upon people's lust for control. These relationships with countries like Nicaragua and Cuba would lead to often violent confrontations of dissenters. They used radio, television and print media to spread disinformation about America's intentions in the region and often just plain lie about who we are.

Well, the way we combated Soviet Communist influence was Voice of America and programs like it. The US simply broadcast both sides of the news to the populace. The communist country broadcast their version of "truth," and VOA told the real "truth." In many cases as in Cuba for example, radio would be jammed so that Cubans couldn't hear the broadcasts. The truth is a powerful weapon. Today, Fox News has taken the position of presenting the truth about what both sides say about a topic. Their commentators and pundits then give their Judeo/Christian world view about the topic. They are not buying the propaganda that the left is putting out there. That is why they are so successful and why they are constantly attacked by the so-called, "main-stream" media. Everyone that I talk to that expresses "hate" for Beck or O'Reilly have never even watched them. So doesn't that make you wonder where that opinion comes from? Yep. Follower.

My point in bringing all this up is that the tea party movement should be all the business of enacting a strategy of truth telling as a "next step." Up to now, we have depended on think tanks and conservative news outlet like Fox to do the work for us. But now its time to step things up a notch. With the creation of tools such as blogs and twitter, we can bring education, not propaganda; information, not disinformation to the masses if we are going to win the war against collectivism. We need to promote true history, and I am talking about our Christian roots in the founding father's thinking. There is no denying their Christian world view. That same world view creates freedom, opportunity and creativity for jobs, businesses and prosperity for all. It is what makes our nation unique in the world. No other nation is capable of creating like America and that is because of our God-given freedom of spirit and our relationship with our creator. Islam commands its servants to die for Allah, our God died for us. Easy to see why life is precious to us, its precious to our God.

If your particular brand of religion is not based upon freedom, then you are doomed to be a follower and not a nation of leaders. America is a nation of leaders. Our leader should be a product of our society which in turn is based upon Judeao/Christian principles. This is why Obama is such an enigma and difficult to know. That's actually "good." We should not, as Christians intimately "know" Obama as a product of our society. Because he is not. Read his book or better yet, Dinesh D'Souza's book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage," to really get this.

It wasn't until I had studied the bible consistently and started following the principles of a relationship with my creator that I began to truly understand the framers of the constitution. Once an individual relationship with the creator is understood, it is less and less of a struggle to understand why pro-life is the right course and why collective control of society is evil. Individuality that is lost is not easily recaptured.

Let's fight the good fight.

Ronald Muñoz

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