Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Morning Thoughts

Well, here it is the beginning of a new day. First thing out of bed and I’m more drowsy than usual but I manage to tell God “good morning.” I start thanking him for a new day, a warm home, wife, children, cats. Anything and everything I can think of. I like to start the day with thankfulness for what I have and give God credit for blessing me. It sets the early morning tone for the day. And why not? We should be thankful that God is watching over us and taking care of us.

I make coffee and settle into my reading chair. I’m reading Max Lucado’s “Cure For the Common Life.” My cat Sadie nestles on my legs that are stretched out on the ottoman, keeping me warm.  The book is a refreshing look at how each of us come pre-packaged with God’s gifts, talents and abilities and how we can unlock those characteristics in each of us. Sounds funny for a 53 year old man to be thinking about at this age. But why not? I’ve held many jobs over the years trying to find what the book calls, “living in your sweet spot.” I’ve often envied people that find that sweet spot early in life. Not me. I had some “junk” that had to be dealt with and my journey is just now starting to feel more and more like a life of spiritual rest.

What has been happening in my country has awakened a fight within me, however. I don’t like those who have weaseled their way into power and are trying to make America into their image (like the Fabian Society). So-called “Progressives,” are anything but. They are dangerous clouds without water, full of a tempest of deceit and deception. They believe their own lies as they try to bring down those of us who would live free in Christ.

But they will not be successful. Oh, they’ve done some damage to the country’s national standing and debt. But I know that will all change in a couple of years. But our work has only just begun. Progressives are evil. Make no mistake. Give them no benefits of doubt. They would just as soon enslave the population to government control and violence if they could achieve it. But they can’t. There is too much “salt” in this country.

So be thankful today. God is taking care of us. Ask him what you can do to be involved. Volunteer in your community. Cook. Clean. Pray. Things are turning and the day is new.

Fight the good fight!

Ronald Muñoz

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