Monday, November 15, 2010


He thinks America has too much. He believes Americans have taken from the resources of others and added it to its own. His view of America is that it is unjust and its constitution is too individual and too damaging to less fortunate countries.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

His judgment of America is twisted and tainted with envy and jealousy because like our European ancestors, he sees America as an oppressor.

He deceived the American people. His real agenda is hidden. Americans look at him and believe he is one of us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

He has used the ignorance of the masses to get himself elected. Even hiding behind the Democratic Party who so stupidly thought he was on their side. But he is even more extreme in his nature than they realize. The Democratic Party is in danger of losing their moderation to Socialism and it will lead to totalitarianism. They thought they could control it but conservatives knew from history that this is never possible. Still, they refused to see the truth and have been carried away by a few elect individuals who want to control and enslave Americans in a Socialist conglomeration of states.

He ignores the truth about America and seeks to take wealth from some and give it to others.

He ignores employer’s rights.

He seeks his own satisfaction and not what is good for the country.

His name is Barak Hussein Obama and he is anti-American. He has never served his country. Why has he never served in our military? Because he is not one of us. He has betrayed well-meaning and trusting Americans.

That is a fact.

He is pretending to be an American. He came out of us but he was never one of us. If he were one of us he would fight to preserve America, not change it. His heart is as his father, the anti-colonial radical. Obama honors his father, not America. Don't look for him to budge on tax rates (not cuts). Don't look for him to step aside for the good of his party in 2012. His pride will carry him on his course of self-destruction.

And there is only one power to stop him. It is the power of Christ. Jesus lives in His people and many of His people live in America. We are not without the grace of God in America. And our heavenly father will never allow his children to be enslaved by Obama or anyone else. There is a power greater than us that watches over us and will continue to protect us until we are removed out of the way.

Be sober Americans. Be vigilant. Pray. Love. Change.

Fight the good fight!

Ronald Muñoz

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