Friday, December 10, 2010

A Good Novel Someone Should Write

Our story begins in January, 2013. The Republicans could not decide who the real "base" of support for their candidate was and sent Sara Palin to the race. Tea Party support could not capture the Latino vote and she is narrowly defeated by Hillary Clinton, the only real contender for Obama's failed presidency. The puzzling thing is that Hillary joined the race only reluctantly after much prodding from supporters and assurances that the new Social Democratic Progressive party would close ranks around her (The name changed before the primary, to breathe new life into the now openly bold anti-capitalist movement).

She looked strangely nervous at the swearing-in ceremony on the steps of the Capital. Her hesitation in subsequent press conferences is tentative. But everyone in the leftist media writes off the timidity as nerves and lovingly welcomes her into history as the first woman President.

Then things begin to unravel. There is an unexplained murder in the nation's capital one blustery spring day in 2013. Not unusual in itself in this town but it is the victim that is makes the case so strange. A former White House aide.

Few recall the box of FBI dossiers found in the Bill Clinton White House table. Left out in the open, the mystery was never officially solved as to what it was doing there and who carelessly left it there.

Now it comes out that the aide who was murdered was about to "go rogue" and tell the media about how Hillary ordered the leaked State Department cables to Wikileaks and then pretended to be on official business during the Nov primaries of 2010. Barely anyone took notice at her announcement that she would be leaving government service after her stint as Secretary of State. Strange timing. And made on the road.

Finally, the truth about the FBI dossiers comes out. It was Hillary looking for dirt on her political enemies. She carelessly left the box out after she and Bill had an argument about the way she was going about things. She had gone too far for Bill. After all, he wanted everyone to like him. Hillary had spent decades getting him elected and she felt he just wasn't doing enough to wield his power.

Then when Eric Holder drops a hint about leaking documents to reduce the United States in the eyes of its neighbors and "level the diplomatic playing field," she gets nervous at the response. The country was outraged and looking for heads to roll. She knew it would eventually lead directly to her.

Someone had to stop the aide that planned on squealing. She didn't want to know how but it must be done. But murder from above is tough in a free society and someone always finds out.

Fight the good fight,

Ronald Munoz

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