Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deception Game

Obama will start his meetings with House Republicans in a conciliatory tone. He will make a statement describing how everyone must work together to do the right thing. But there will be a slippery catch: everyone has to work together except him. He will be more passionate about the START treaty than the tax rates. He will not give into the notion that all the tax rates should be extended. Boehner will have to remind the Comrade President that Republicans still do not control the House. The President's body language will show his disgust with such obviously inferior creatures and the meeting will end with a stalemate. Obama will make a phone call to comrade Pelosi to tie the tax rates to the START treaty in some way. After all, it was her idea.

Republicans will push for full extension of tax rates for 2 years. They will insist on separating the treaty with the tax rates. Democrats, fearing retribution like the one on bloody Tuesday, will reluctantly sign on. Pelosi will privately threaten every colleague comrade with expletives too foul for a real lady's mouth. But we are not dealing with a real lady. We are dealing with a despot. The bill will pass the House and Senate. Obama will have to veto it. American businesses will find themselves in a slump.

Fast forward to January. The Republican controlled House will introduce new legislation making permanent all the tax rates for every income bracket. Obama will harden his stance. The country will suffer. Obama's global vision will have to come to fruition in smaller increments. But his plan to weaken America is losing traction and he is running out of time. His cronies are being exposed. And Congressional hearings begin to point back to him. He is on the defensive by spring of 2011 and we see him go back into full-time campaign mode. After all, its what he does best. Deception game.

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