Friday, November 12, 2010

Calling All Cold War Warriors

After reviewing Glen Beck's excellent expose' on the Soros organization, it has become apparent that the forces at work within our government have reached a tipping point. Although I have casually observed “front organizations” at work in the U.S. for some time, I believed that it was impossible for the majority of the American people to be deceived in such high numbers as we are seeing today. That is due to America’s Christian roots. But after the monetizing of the Treasury Department’s debt, I knew that the government was deliberately moving the country towards a catastrophic event. Thankfully, Christian American’s are moving from inaction and standing to attention.

After the 2008 elections I expected the country to rapidly sink into the same doldrums as during the Carter administration. And it has. The difference I saw this time was that the President himself was deliberately moving the country towards weakness and globalization. I have to admit I did not see that coming. While Carter’s steerage into weakness was largely naiveté, President Obama’s course is one of cold, hard calculation. It was enough to make me sit up and take notice.

Beck has successfully publicly exposed the Soros threat. He has exposed to the public what some of us from the cold war era have perhaps known for some time: that there has always been a corrupt element of society who hides behind the Democratic Party. It was true during the Roosevelt administration and throughout the cold war. Those corrupt elements have been kept in check and it is generally accepted that in our free society they cannot be totally eradicated. Shine the light on them and you diminish their power. Like cockroaches they scamper back into the darkness.

I can easily see where Soros derives his strategy: from the very communist government he later helped to over-throw. The notion that Soros is engaging a shadow government to overthrow the United States and turn the country into part of a global collective employs exactly the same methods as what the former Soviet Union engaged in during the cold war. With a few important exceptions. Remember, it was Obama himself who publicly called for a “civilian national security force,” during the campaign trail on July 2, 2008 in Colorado Springs, CO. This statement is not without significance. Without that piece of the puzzle, the movement is doomed to failure. However, failing a violent overthrow, Obama can still do considerable harm to the future of economic stability. He will view financial disruption as a success even if he leaves office at the end of 2012.

Where Soros and Progressives misjudge the effectiveness of their shadow government is in the hearts of the American people and within the Christian population specifically. There is a powerful Christian ethos within the psyche of American Christian conservatism that is not easily broken. Obama sought to exploit it by keeping the Christian right off balance with his double-talk. If he is a Christian himself, does he accept that Mohammed was a true prophet? That question should have been posed by Rick Warren at Saddleback. That single question could have exposed Obama’s game.

Christians know that Mohammed was not a true prophet. They know by the fruit of his followers, they know by the revelations that were given in the dark and away from confirming witnesses and they know that the Quoran itself contradicts the story and message of the Bible. Islam lacks inspiration and it lacks love. The concept of forgiveness, central to the Christian message of grace, is totally absent from Islam. The principles of Christianity are what made America unique in the world. It was the force of individual’s relationship with his creator that gave Americans, strength, unity and purpose. The bond of Christ’s love holds us together. Soros’ organization does not understand that fundamental truth and therefore will fail to capture the majority of Americans in his trap.

But the numbers against Christians is increasing. And secularists power is growing and attempting to push out conservative values.

I wonder what would happen if those of us who worked in intelligence during the cold war would once again use our skills to protect our beloved homeland from internal subversive forces at work. What if we formed an intelligence community of citizens to infiltrate and disseminate our findings on un-American activities by the George Soros shadow government? Where would the trail lead? Who would it implicate?

Beck's research team provided the ground work but there is no way his staff has the resources necessary to carry out a coordinated and sustained intelligence effort against the Soros threat.

So this is an invitation to former cold war warriors! Whoever finds this and is willing to participate, let me know.

Fight the good fight!

Ronald Muñoz

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