Friday, November 19, 2010

America is Protected

The resilience of America and the American people is nothing short of miraculous.

Our country is on the precipice of a totalitarian revolution and the American people are standing against the forces within our own government seeking to secretly bring about violent change. The people are doing it by exposing the traps set by Soros and Obama’s shadow government takeover of health care, airport security and the attempt to collapse the currency. The American people are not running to the ranks of the union army. There are enough union members now who are saying “stop,” to the leaders who wield power as if they were in control. But they are not in control. God Almighty is.

God does not stand by when his people are in trouble. He will protect us from catastrophic harm. All Soros and Obama need is a crisis to spring their plan into action. But they lack support. There is too few of them and too many of us. They lack an army and we refuse to give them one. They require chaos and we are in order. They need bricks of conformity and we are lively stones that cannot be mortared together by their totalitarian agenda.

They thought we were sheep that did not understand reality. They mistook our peace for ignorance. But they are wrong. America will not fall to internal revolution by a totalitarian minded President; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Americans are not fooled by his pretense. The mask is being removed. And soon Obama will be removed with it. In 2012 a new President will be elected and the progressive agenda will have failed. It will have to regroup and plan for another day.

Meanwhile, I propose that we make a few changes in Washington. Number one, congress should pass a law making it unlawful for our President to be without military service. Our great country’s military is too large, too complex for an amateur. He or she must have experienced the discipline and sacrifice of service. That will prevent future Obama’s from going from community organizers (kitchen table revolutionaries) to small junior Senator offices to the greatest responsibility in the world.

Second, I propose that George Soros stand trial for his attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America. America is exceptional and we as a country should not allow a single wealthy man to fund a revolution against us. His assets should be seized and his organizations taken apart.

Third, I propose that Congress pass a flat-tax. We should dispense with payroll, corporate and personal income tax. We should tackle Social Security; this sacred cow of centralized planners should be privatized. It should be split up among the states.

The list can go on and on…entire government agencies should be privatized or abolished. The central bank should go back on a gold standard. Stocks trade in multiples of value, why not the dollar?

America is a land of ideas, innovation and growth. America is strength. America is free and we can keep it that way if we will but preserve our institutions that created America.

Fight the good fight!
Ronald Muñoz

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